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Jeremy Baxter is a young visual artist, filmmaker, photographer, musician, and student based in Boulder, Colorado. Their projects focus on subculture, activism, and individuality. They strive to improve on their abilities using the full extent of their experience with every project he approaches. 


Jeremy has been creating art their entire life. They have been equipped with abilities in Adobe programs since their early pre-teen years. They began working in music, video, and photography as a teenager and worked on their first professional artworks in their later years of high school. When they entered college at The University of Colorado in Boulder, they put art at the forefront of their focus and began their major in studio arts and minor in media production. They started working professionally in all of their art forms right as they entered school and have continued to work with clients throughout their education. Jeremy is very experienced in all the services they offer and will create the best product for anyone who chooses to work with them.


Please see each page for details on Jeremy's abilities and experience in different art forms.

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