Hello! I am Jeremy.

I am a 19-year-old artist from Colorado, currently based in Boulder. I primarily focus on photography but I also love to design, illustrate, write, play music, and make short films/music videos. I've been making photographs digitally for two years and on film for one. I've been making videos for over three years and arts of all forms my whole life. It has been my passion and my dream to create art of all forms.

Photography is an art form that I am very passionate about. When I initially got into photography my favorite method of the artform was vernacular photography. I've always loved capturing life in unique and beautiful ways and finding the beauty that lays in everything. More recently I have begun to look at photography through a different lens, and have started to point my sights at more art-based photography. I have begun taking photos in more of a structured manner and started to learn the art of the constructed image. This form of photography involves really thinking about what I want to shoot and creating that from scratch. My recent work has focused primarily on the human condition and the emotions we feel in this world. Now while my photo work has taken a bit of a turn, I still love what got me into the artform and am happy to shoot portraits and do professional work.

I also love to make videos and short films. Doing so has been something that I have been very interested in since I was very young. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado I loved to snowboard and skateboard, so I really enjoyed watching videos of the two sports. That made the young me want to make them myself. I started making terrible videos of me, my friends, and my family snowboarding and skiing around the age of 10. Those videos rooted the love for creating videos at a young age. As I grew older, I started to appreciate films more and the urge to make videos started to come back. Once I was 16 and old enough to take it, the first class I signed up for Junior year was Video Production. That class gave me access to the equipment, actors, sets, and platforms to present my ideas. So I made as many videos as I could, as best as I could. Now, being in college has taught me even more about media production and I have begun to make some of my most ambitious work yet.

Design is another huge art form that I enjoy. Making interesting graphics and pictures has been something that I've done since I began working in Photoshop at age 11. From that point forward I learned the ins and outs of the main Adobe platforms, and have made graphics for years. In 2019 I designed my first book, Imagine Volume 2, for Breck Create, Breckenridge's government-funded art program. Since then I've designed three Zines and continued to add to my countless graphics. I am still working to progress my design skills in many different ways. I designed this website through and am in the learning stage of coding design through HTML, JAVA, and CSS.

If you are interested in working with me or purchasing prints or zines please don't hesitate to contact me, I would love to even just chat with you.

Thanks for visiting my site!

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