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My interdisciplinary artwork serves as a powerful expression of my community and the aspects of my identity that I have long struggled to share openly. Growing up in the small, homogenous town of Frisco, Colorado, as a gender-fluid and queer individual, art became my outlet. I felt immense societal pressure, leading me to suppress and reject parts of myself that were deemed unacceptable. However, art provided me with a sense of freedom and normalcy, becoming a lifelong source of joy.

Through my artistic practices, I delve into the complex mental battles of coming to terms with my gender and queerness, alongside the external pressures of our current society. I continually explore and study new art forms and techniques, immersing myself in the creative process. This dedication and hyper-fixation of my work are profoundly healing for me, from its inception to completion.

My work often embraces and intertwines with the ideas and ideals of subcultures, particularly the DIY music scene and my leftist ideology. Egalitarianism, supporting marginalized communities, and challenging the constraints of capitalism are central themes in all of my creations. While my work resonates strongly within leftist and DIY music communities, it also extends its reach to those outside of these realms. I aim to celebrate the communities I belong to and demonstrate to those who may not understand them that these communities possess inherent beauty. They strive to uplift and support individuals rather than cause harm.

Art serves as a profound vehicle for expressing the inexplicable, and my work opens the door for me to communicate these complex emotions and experiences. Through my art, I seek to bridge understanding and cultivate empathy, fostering a greater appreciation for the diverse communities that exist within our society.


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