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Jeremy Baxter





📍The Rocky Mountains

Date of Birth:

September 11th, 2001

About My Work

My interdisciplinary work is a reflection of my experiences and the various aspects of my identity that I've found challenging to express openly. Growing up in the small town of Frisco, Colorado, I encountered societal pressures that led me to suppress certain parts of myself. Art seemed to grab me, offering a sense of freedom and normalcy that I couldn't find elsewhere. Art, the communities, the act of sharing it, and the way it brings people together, is something I will never give up and will always cherish.

In my artistic pursuits, I explore the complexities of navigating personal identity and the external influences of our society. Constantly immersing myself in the creative process, I experiment with different art forms and techniques, finding profound healing from the beginning to the completion of each piece.

My work draws inspiration from subcultures, particularly DIY music, and often reflects my political ideology. Themes of egalitarianism, supporting marginalized communities, and challenging the constraints of capitalism are central to my work. My art is meant to raise a voice from a place that has been pushed below the currents of our culture. I strive to celebrate the communities I belong to, showcasing their inherent beauty and their commitment to uplifting and supporting each other.

Art is a powerful vehicle for expressing the inexplicable, allowing me to communicate complex emotions and experiences. Through my work, I aim to promote understanding and cultivate empathy, fostering a greater appreciation for the diverse communities that exist within our society and a sense of community that we are all starving for.



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