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I began photographing shows back in 2019. I started this work primarily at indie concerts. I would reach out to bands to see if they would let me take their photos and as I went on, I began to like it more and more with each show. In the fall of 2019, I started regularly seeing shows at a DIY venue, called Seventh Circle. At Seventh, almost all of the bands I saw, were small local punk bands and it was the most at home I ever felt. I photographed my first Seventh show in the Spring of 2020 right before the big thing that we always talk about. When shows began to spring up again, I brought my camera back out. I didn't shoot too many of my first shows back, but I've started to bring my camera to every show these days. I love music, I love punk, and I love capturing it through photos.

Click one of those pics below to see most ( but not all) of the shows I've shot. If you want to use some of the photos you see or want photos removed from the site, please contact me on Instagram at @artsbax or via email at

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