This Is my first roll of film that I have ever shot on a fully manual camera and developed my self as well as made prints for. I started this roll with a basic portrait of my girlfriend, Taylor. I was really excited to finally be shooting on film so I could help but to shoot a picture right there. The next set of photos are focused on depth of field, I wanted to get attuned to how my camera shot and what results it gave me, so I decided to bracket shoot some images of my jacket on a tree. I thought it made for an interesting image and almost abstracted the images a bit. I ended up really liking the idea and the overall eeriness of the jacket on a tree so I tried it in a few different places. Once I had a lot of images of the jacket I really just wanted to get some good portraits. I shot a few in daylight then went to a garage once night had struck to play with how the bokeh demonstrates light in the lens I was using.

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