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MESHES is now a 3 piece band with me on guitar, vocals, and lyrics, Emilie Craig on Bass, and Eli Rosner on drums. The second release of this project is a live demo, to show how our sound as a band differs from that of the first release. We hope to recreate these songs accompanied by many more songs to create an LP at some point and this demo serves as a way to show what we can do outside of a studio.


Jeremy Baxter: Vocals, Lyrics, & Guitar

Emilie Craig: Bass & Backup Vocals

Eli Rosner: Drums
Mixed by Sam Rupsa
Mastered by Jeremy Baxter
Artwork by Jeremy Baxter

This link has it on any platform you use.


My first album, Meshes, is a 5 song EP of music I worked on over the course of 2020 & 2021. The songs are a representation of the emotions and the several different states of mind I experienced throughout the year. Each song was carefully crafted and meticulously put together. The different use of instruments and the large soundscapes sit in conjunction with the chaotic world that had been coming apart around me during its creation. The cleanliness and perfection sit in juxtaposition with the harsh battles I had with myself while making this. This album is me, it represents who I was in 2021 and before and marks a change for me going forward. 


All songs & instruments written, performed, mixed, & produced by Jeremy Baxter
Additional mixing & arrangement from Robbert James Boswell
Mastered by Joey Genovese
Artwork & design by Jeremy Baxter

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