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Gus Dapperton is an artist I've been into for a while now. I found him when his career was just starting to pick up and when I was still trying to figure out who I was. I fell in love with his music and his style and everything about him and he kinda helped shape little parts of me. His videos have also always been a huge influence on mine and the photos that his girlfriend Jess Faren takes of him are some of my absolute favorite portraitures out there. So, when I heard he was coming to town I made sure to get a ticket right away. A few days before the show, it occurred to me that I could shoot it. After reaching out to the manager, I didn't get a response until the day of the show. I was given a pass and they told me I could only shoot for three songs. This is what I got. After shooting I went back to the crowd and had an amazing time.

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