Written before the 2020 election of Joe Biden:

This project was a bit of a difficult one for me. I decided that it would be best for me to create a piece that was very political and that expresses how I’ve seen the world for the past four years. Oftentimes, my artistic work is rooted in the politics of today and I felt that this would be a good project to express my opinions further. I had never made a political video before and I felt quite overwhelmed at the start but as I began to work, the project started to make sense for me. The multi-channel format very much worked in my favor and really helped me create the feeling that I was going for. My use of two screens gave me the ability to contrast certain messages with others in a way that would have not been as strong if it were a standard video. I also used stereo audio to bring the viewers’ attention to one side of the screen or another, and I think that was achieved flawlessly. Another aspect that I used for the first time, was the use of stark colors. I was able to create a really good contrast by coloring one side red and the other blue, which I believe really separated the two sides I was showing. I found that this project was very emotionally hard to achieve and I had to step away from it a few times because some of the material I worked with was really hard to watch. My intention was to give viewers those same feelings and to show the feelings that I’ve had toward the past four years of the US government. This project is very different from my other works, but I am overall really pleased with the result.