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I began working in design and illustration at a very young age. Drawing has been an activity that I cannot remember not enjoying. I have loved the art of illustration forever and have built my skills immensely over the years. Design also goes with illustration and visual arts for me. I began designing with computer programs around the age of 11 and have never given up on it. I have worked with several clients on small design projects over the years, from logo design to poster design to advertisement design. These two art forms are very important and almost foundational to everything else I do.

Polly Urethane Flyer Black.png

This is a book I designed for Breckenridge's art department, Breck Create. I designed it in 2019 as a commission. 

For the second year, middle school and high school students in Summit County, CO have submitted their artwork and writing to be selected for this special collection. This publication represents a variety of short stories, poems, and artwork of all mediums and the collaboration of community members, teachers, parents, and talented students.

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