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Seventh Circle popped the fuck off at this gig. This was my band FLAIL's first show at 7th and our release show for our DEMO. It was truly amazing to perform on the same stage where many of the best shows I have ever been to took place. Furthermore, the artists that performed at this gig were phenomenal and it was so exciting to be playing alongside them.

 POLLY URETHANE, per usual, blew me away with her performance. I'm really impressed with how she manages to change sets almost every time I see her, and every new song improves upon the old. POLLY URETHANE truly remains one of the best musicians that I know and I am ecstatic to see where she goes next.

 TOP LIP did great too. This was their last show with their guitarist, Jaye, and they truly made it worthwhile. The band performed my favorite set I had seen from them, with new songs, and interesting musical aesthetic adjustments that create an overall great band. I'm excited to see what comes next in this new chapter of their project.

 It was also my first time seeing EMME and my god she put on a show. She was the first underground artist I have seen that had a programmed light that changed based on the music, and it enhanced the performance so much. When she came out to perform on the floor, she emerged from behind the projector screen, wearing cloth over her head. The light pulsing to a beat, after walking around menacingly the beat dropped and the room went wild. Throughout her performance, she ventured outside, sat at the sound booth, and managed to do a rave cover of Counting Worms by KNOCKED LOOSE. EMME was very impressive and I will not be missing any of her shows in Denver when she comes back.

I could only photograph three artists for this one but everyone else that played did truly did well. During my performance, I fell from the rafter above the floor and was convinced I broke my wrist for a third time, so I, unfortunately, missed VAPORCHROME and could only listen to GL00M13 from outside of the venue.

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