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For this project, I set out to shoot the historic events that are happening right now. I believe that what we are experiencing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so shooting it is very important. When I set out to shoot, my intention was to shoot empty and closed areas, but I came across an even more unique and once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, social distancing, specifically at grocery stores. This is something that we as a society will likely never see or endure again for the rest of our lives. The only place we are able to go to is the Grocery Store. It's the place that will keep us alive during this but for some people it's the place that can kill them. That's a crazy idea, so when I realized how extreme the measures are to go to these places I had to shoot it. This whole event is definitely a burden, but as an artist this is an incredible experience, as much as I hate it I am also very grateful for this experience; it's made me truly appreciate the things I take for granted in life and I'm more than excited to see all of the amazing art that will come out it.

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