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This was a Seventh Circle show and one of the best ones I've seen. All three bands were great. My homies in Ego Death put on an awesome show, and Trip Lip was very impressive. Daikaiju was absolutely wild. They are a surf rock band from Alabama, and they've been around for a long time. Their set started pretty normal and had good energy in the crowd. About 5 or 10 minutes into their set, however, they moved their drum kit off the stage, to the floor. After a few songs on the ground, the band lit their cymbals on fire. Shortly after, they started to hand the pieces of the kit to the crowd and prompted them to hold them above their heads. The drummer then stood on a chair they gave to the crowd and drummed on top of the audience. The drums were then put into the center of the garage and they lit the cymbals on fire a second time. This time however they brought out some old burnt-up guitars, lit them on fire and began swinging them around. At this point, the instruments of the band members were all being played by random audience members. After a bit of time, the garage door, where bands usually load into the venue, was opened and the band began to make their way outside toward their van. They climbed to the roof and began lighting the roof on fire. All the while, random audience members continued to jam on the band's instruments. To conclude the show the guitarist crowd surfed back to the stage. Daikaiju is wild, don't miss a chance to see them if you're able.

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